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October, 2013

" Eliane, Wow, wonderful! All the food was delicious and absolutely tasty. It was also beautifully presented and tasted delicious!

It was a pleasure being in your company. The food was so good! Please continue to keep up the sensational cooking! We so enjoyed every bite, It was so tender, melted in your mouth. The, so fine and so very satisfying.....and the carrots, yes the flavor came through.

Dessert: Yum! Very yummy!!! And the conversation was spectacular. All the best and happy cooking!" Kathy Fedorli, Calgary, Canada

"Dear Eliane, You told me that you hoped to cook me a memorable birthday dinner and I assure you that you did just that. What a beautiful meal! Each course was simply stunning to look at and even better to taste. Tim and I savored every bite. I especially loved the beurre blanc served on your perfectly poached cod. Oh! Perfection! Thank you for my perfect birthday meal. I will always remember it and I dearly hope that I will have the chance to eat your food again.

Thank you" Dani Marcus, NY, NY

September, 2013

" What an incredible evening - the food was outstanding!! The host amazing!! This was such an outstanding evening that we will recommend to all coming to the Riviera. There is nothing that we can say except that this was such an amazing experience. Thank you so much" Henry & Amy Cernitz, Westbury, NY, USA

September 2013

"Perhaps our best day ever in Cannes. Wonderful from start to finish. Walking with you through the market selecting our meal. The prep, the cooking and of course the meal. Most importantly the conversation - about food, about cooking and about life in general. Feel that we have made a great new friend in Cannes. We will spread the word - The best in home cooking school that we have seen. We will come back and send others in the meantime. Great thanks for a special day! Christine Meng & Terry Goiney, Boston, MA, USA

September, 2013

" The class was amazing! We had such a wonderful time learning in your kitchen! This is a must do for people who want to have a unique French culinary experience. Thank you for the great time and hospitality"

Meghan & Dave, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

"Thank you for all the help and instruction you've given to my dear husband. It was a wonderful experience to eat some homemade professional cooking, and a new beginning in our kitchen. I enjoyed it so much! " Julia. Los Angeles, Ca, USA

"Thank you for all the wonderful help and guidance in the kitchen, the Main Dish was just "Awesome". The mat was top quality and so tender and the sauce was priceless! Also the smooth mash potatoes. Again, many thanks for all the tips! really, really loved it!!!! " Arandona S.

Los Angeles, Ca, USA

September, 2013.

"Eliane, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and great food! The recipe you chose for us was perfect and something we can definitely make when we get back to the States. I am so glad you found your passion! We are so grateful you did so we had the chance to meet you and enjoy your company and cooking" Michelle & Lauren Steele, Indianapolis, IN, USA

September, 2013

Thank you for a wonderful cooking class - we have both really enjoyed it and learned lots of new tricks. We will really look forward to utilize them at home. Thanks so much" Jodie and Otis, London, UK

August 27th, 2013 " We have learned so much today: chopping, seasoning, searing, plating, presentation and how it all comes together in the hands of a graceful and gracious master. Thank you Eliane for an eye-opening and mouthwatering day. We hope to see you again (and learn the secrets of fish stew? )" Ron Brownstein and Eileen McMenamid. Washington D.C. USA

"Thank you Eliane for a beautiful and delicious evening.Food was delicious and we learned a lot. Going to try to make that beautiful sauce you taught us. Thanks for all the tips for our future cooking. Hugs from Jonas and Monica" Stockholm, Sweden

"Thank you Eliane for a fun time in the kitchen today, It was a great experience to shop at the market and turn all of these loveely ingredients into a great lunch. You were a super host and I will remember this day as one of the best vacation experiences!" Peter, Sweden.

"Thank you for a wonderful day! This day has been an inspiration in so many ways. I have never done much cooking, but I will go home and cook the wonderful dishes we hve made today for my friends, Fingers crossed, maybe I will mail you for advice, Thanks again for your wondeful company and professional teaching" Annette, Stockholm, Sweden.

" Eliane - you are a class act! I encourage vacationers in Cannes to sample your superb cooking. You are indeed a master of your craft, and it is highly reflected in the ambience of your establishment and presentation.

I look forward to the picnic in St. Marguerite on Tuesday. Your cooking is to die for!" Warmest regards, Laura Megna (New York, USA)

"My dearest Eliane - I thank you so much for your hospitality! I feel it is best characterized by the grant and intimate ambience you create with your warm and humble nature. It is quite a commodity these days. Your cooking is exquisite. The time we have shared with you with a wonderful conversation, made my stay in France always memorable" Love Annie M (New York, USA)

"Elaine - thank you so much for your hospitality! This was a great way to end my stay in the French Riviera. The cooking class was amazing! The food was fantastic and the tips on preparation was invaluable. I will keep you in mind when I return home to prepare these great dishes for my loved ones. Looking forward to keeping in touch. All the best" Tracey ( Detroit, USA)

July, 2013

"Amazing experience, really understanding on cheese and wine so that we can now do our own cheese and wine tasting! Great wines and perfect cheese and other food to complement the lunch.

And thank you for answering all our questions, not just about the food, but about visiting other areas in France!"

David, Kathy, Nathalie and Sacha (Sydney, Australia)

Juli, 2013

"Leuk om op mijn verjaardag vandaag de eerste Nederlandse gasten te zijn. Samen met onze Belgische vrienden hebben wij genoten van een heerlijk diner met verse vis en een heerlijk nagerecht met verse vijgen! Heerlijk!" Marc, Annie, Pieter Jan en Willemijn (Nederland)

July 2013

"We had a marvelous dinner that had come just from the garden and the sea.The fish tartare with avocado and the poached figs in blackberry coulis and homemade vanilla ice cream were better than I had at many many restaurants in major US and European cities. It was great fun to talk with the chef and other guests that we might not otherwise have met" Nora & Marc (New York, USA)

"Thank you for learning the delicious fish! We love to learn French cooking and will serve it for everyone in our lovely family! The summer celebration of my 60th birthday!" Minni Peterson & Per Korpos (Stockholm Sweden)

June 19th, 2013

Review written by a South Korean client

June 2013. "Spent a few hours and experience a home cooked meal in a fantastic environment. It was very nostalgic and would recommend this to anybody that loves good food and family. Thanks" Daniel Melone (Melbourne, Australia)

June, 2013. "Thank you for an amazing time with amazing food! I loved every minute of it and will take back with me some amazing tips and recipes to impress my friends. Best of luck and hope to see you again next trip. Sincerely Anne" (Seattle, WA, USA)

June, 13th, 2013

Best wishes, Felicity, Debbie & Alex" (London, UK)

" A very memorable evening - I have been enlightened and inspired"

Kara McAlister, (Atlanta, USA)

"What an experience! Thank you for introducing me to true, French cuisine. It's a memory I'll cherish" Suzy Murray (South Carolina, USA)

"Amazing food in home atmosphere, unique experience, so many new flavors, smells and taste, priceless advice and inspiring ideas. Thank you for all of that. Hope to see you teaching in my cooking school in Armenia one happy day!" Anna Mazmanyan (Moscow)

"Thank you for a wonderful day! I liked it all, from the market visit to the cooking, the conversation, the food and the wine! I will be recommending it to all my friends. Thank you Elaine." Rebecca Matthews (Melbourne, Australia)

"Cheese & Wine tasting" Thanks a lot for an authentic experience of wine & cheese tasting and great company as well, really enjoyed wonderful evening! Looking forward for boat trip and hope to come back for cooking workshop. Thank you Eliane" Irine & Abdul (Abu Dhabi)

"I thank you very much for this wonderful experience, for the mouthwatering menus we made and for bringing my home-cooking to a higher level and all of this in your beautiful home, 7th, 9th and 11th of May 2013" E. Medema (Monaco)

"Thank you so much for the amazing brunch and welcoming us into your lovely home. The food was simply stunning. Thank you again" Vicky Ray, UK

"Thank you for a beautiful brunch. The perfect end to a perfect weekend in Cannes. We will be back and recommend you!" Amy Ridge, UK

"An amazing brunch. Food was fantastic and a perfect end to our weekend" Jo B, UK

" Dear Eliane, thank you for a very special cooking experience in your warm and friendly home. You are a talent & a delight". Cheers! Gloria Knittle, USA

"What a wonderful time spent with you in Cannes. We loved the afternoon cooking class and the meal we prepared with you was wonderful! Great cruise shore experience" Renee Taylor, USA

"The highlight of our cruise, from Eliane's apartment cooking class. A memorable afternoon cuisine, learning and friendship" Evelyn Schuster, USA

We will definitely recommend La Serviette Blanche to family and friends who come here to Cannes!" Jens & Mutura Sjolund, Stockholm, Sweden (The first Swedes!)

Testimonial on our Facebook page.

" Namens de hele familie van Roekel bedankt voor het heerlijke eten en de goede service!" Lisette (Lunteren, The Netherlands

"Eliane made us feel like we were home cooking with family. Wonderful food and very educational" Mike & Heather, Chandler, AZ, USA

"Eliane, now I feel that I am in France. The food and the environment are delightful. Thank you so much" Sharon Thomson, Texas, USA

"This was a great experience, it's lots of fun and the food was so good. I highly recommend to take the cooking class with Eliane". Sommalina L. Seattle, WA, USA

"So much fun, knowledge and and ofcourse good food. A way to enjoy France and Cannes" Becky. Austin, Texas, USA

"Fantastic class, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was just amazing, thank you very much" W, Texas, USA

"Thank you so much for serving the most wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. What a perfect combination of French/American cooking. Foie gras then turkey! Loved every morsel. It was great fun and we are sure to return to la Serviette Blanche" (Robin) Cannes, France

“I am a reporter for Enroute magazine who recently had dinner at La Serviette Blanche in Cannes. The food was fabulous and the service outstanding. As a reporter, I was fascinated by Eliane's life story and personality. When you talk to her, you'll find out why. I highly recommend you to visit her restaurant and workshops.” Mirthe Smeets (journalist at the Dutch travel & lifestyle magazine Enroute) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oh Eliane! How wonderful for these 12 ladies from all over the United States, to experience your talent and your home. Thank you so much for sharing both. Many thanks, Janet, Nevada, USA

You are a great teacher, bubbly personality and fun! Your food were sooo delicious! Thank you! Ozita from Michigan, USA

"Very lovely - good food, great fun. Excellent time - thank you so much" Cindy S, USA

Thank you Eliane for a generous and interesting class. Good luck in Cannes. Alex, Santa Ana, California, USA

"Thank you for such an amazing day together. From shopping in the market for fresh ingredients, fantastic preparation, yummy menu and the fun of putting it all together. Most of all you are a fabulous chef with extraordinary talent and good taste. I so enjoyed learning from you and getting to know you over a delicious ofcourse meal. Thank you, thank you,.....Merci! I will be back, I am already planning what's next. Wish I was in cannes all month to cook and eat together". xoxo Love, Jen (Los Angeles, USA)

"Dear Eliane (19/09/12) C'est avec plaisir que nous avons deguster ton menu Provencal, mes amis et moi reviendrant!" Jean-Yves, Dino, Nicole, Pierre, Sylvie et Bernard. Cannes, France

"I now realize how simply it is to cook flavorsome French food with fresh market ingredients. I found it very beneficial to shop with Eliane at Marche Forville looking for high quality produce. It was a very relaxed atmosphere cooking the food in Eliane's kitchen, she was a great teacher with a well equipped kitchen. The four-course menu I have prepared & cooked under Eliane's guidance was delicious" Jocelyn (New Zealand)

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful dinner. The menu was fabulous and the company was as well. This has been the highlight of our trip. We hope to see you again. Much thanks" Tara & Ken, Fl, USA

"Waanzinnig lekker gegeten op mijn verjaardag"! Edith, (Netherlands)

"Your menu was fantastic and the "filet de boeuf" was out of this world" Guest in chalet in Morzine, French Alpes

"Great ambience, delicious food and a nice group of people" MK, Netherlands

Your menu was outstanding, delicious Meditteranean food, would love to eat that everyday. Hugo, (USA)

Sophisticated meal and beautifully presented, Thank you, we'll be back next year! Emma (UK)