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Comfort food……..nobody does it better than French bistros. A bistro is a small, casual French restaurant run by families and known for serving hearty, simple food served with wine. A key feature is the use of fresh local produce that are characterized by regional roots. 

One of the classic bistros dishes is without a doubt, steak with frites and Béarnaise sauce, a creamy yellow sauce made with clarified butter, herbs, and egg yolks.

French onion soup, chicken liver mousse and mussels a la mariniere are typical examples of French bistro food as well just like Coq au vin which is chicken in wine, another classic bistro dish.

Other dishes might also include goat cheese and herb spread, salad Nicoise with tuna and quail eggs and apple tart with crème anglaise.

For great flavor, all these dishes use simple ingredients like fresh butter, shallots, fresh herbs, garlic, and wine which are staples of French cuisine and available at local markets.

This class is focused on rustic bistro dishes that will take you on a culinary journey of unpretentious food with bold flavors that French bistros are so famous for.

Learn how to make those succulent steaks with crispy frites topped with fine herb butter or savory tarts and hearty stews. Dishes that you can easily recreate at home.

You will also learn some creative rustic presentation styles that will bring the French Bistro feeling right to your dinner table.

If you love bistro food and would like to wow your guests with some authentic bistro dishes, than this is the class for you!

Once you’re done cooking, we will sit down in the stylish dining room and enjoy the fruits of your labor served with a good glass of regional wine. You will also get the recipes to take home.

A fun class that starts at 12.00 (Noon) followed by lunch. Evening class upon request and depending on availability.

From Tuesday through Saturday.

Price p.p. € 85,- Advanced reservations only

Class limited to 6